"I wasn’t put on this planet to be like everyone else." ॐ


My Interests

Spirituality, Energy, Universe & Love

Spirituality, Energy, Universe & Love

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built. Packages and Configurations Installscript for Mac OS X and Windows :atom:
Simple php chat command system
Simple php routing-system :dart:
Client-Side Routing for MarkoJS in Electron.
:electron:-Boilerplate with Marko, Webpack & Gulp. :hearts:
Marvel Sass Framework for Desktop Apps :sparkles::rainbow:
:pencil2: Fast and lightweight markdown editor, written in JavaScript. :ledger:
Small php template engine
:electron:-Boilerplate with React, Babel, Browserify & Gulp. :hearts:
Spectre with darkmode support and other useful extras. :sparkles: :rainbow: :computer:
:star: JavaScript star rating system based on Ajax
Sudoku programmed in c
Mini projects for learning swift
Boilerplate for Webapplications with Marko.js & Lasso :triangular_ruler:
Send keydowns to windows
Windows WLAN Hotspot tool
Translate .xlf files using DeepL Pro Translator API for SAP